The Wright Guard Inc. (TWG) is a Bethesda, Maryland based dental products company. The Company was founded by Prosthodontist, Dr. Michael Wright with a mission to develop advanced dental products that improve and preserve dental and facial aesthetics. It’s key innovation to date is The WrightGUARD™ athletic mouth-guard, which was developed after years of rigorous “in the field” testing and research with college and professional athletes.

The WrightGUARD™ was created by Dr. Wright to be the last line of defense in reducing the occurrence of devastating mouth injuries in contact sports such football. It combines facets of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, to deliver a one of a kind, beautifully crafted and durable mouth-guard. Specialty made or mass-produced, using advanced composite materials, blended with individualized personalized aesthetics and features.

Currently worn by some of the top players in the NFL, The WrightGUARD™ is poised to be the top mouth-guard brand in sports, making today’s image conscious athlete feel confident and assured, in knowing they have increase protection from serious head injuries and also are more likely to standout for their stellar on field performance.

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TWG - The WrightGUARD™ Mouth Guard TWG - The WrightGUARD™ Mouth Guard TWG - The WrightGUARD™ Mouth Guard
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