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TWG X Boil & Bite Tether Strap

Boil & Bite Mouth Guard Straps

TWG X Boil & Bite Mouthguards

TWG X is the ultimate in protection and performance. TWG’s sleek design allows for better comfort, speech and airway exchange. The one of a kind self-aligning system allows for a better fit, “custom feel” and correct jaw positioning in the TMJ complex. Correct jaw positioning allows for protection against tooth injury, jaw fracture and can even help reduce the incidence of concussions. Proper jaw positioning also allows for better spinal alignment and unlocks the athlete’s true performance by increasing balance, agility, strength and stamina.

TWG X utilizes a unique blend of EVA and polyurethane polymers. This unique blend of polymers offers color stability, excellent bond strength between the layers of the mouth guard to resist separation of material layers for longevity, and offers superb compressive and tensile strength for protection against injury.

Sizes are Adult: S, M, L
Youth: -11, 11+, 16+

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